Coronavirus Update @ 29/05/2020

After much consideration we have made the very difficult decision that the Farm will not be reopening over the next few weeks. We are working hard on plans to be able to adhere to the guidelines and to put social distancing measures in place. We’re sure you appreciate this will take a bit of time. We can assure you plans are well under way and our intention is to re open when it’s safer to do so, and when we can keep everyone from visitors to volunteers safe 😄

Thank you all so very much for your support.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update @ 29/05/2020

  1. Hi do we need to purchase tickets or book a slot to arrive? We would love to feed animals if you tell us what we need to bring thank you Donna


    1. Hi Donna, we don’t normally monitor comments on our Webpage, so it was just by chance that I saw this. As you can see, yours is the first comment we’ve had since February last year, lol!

      All info about opening times, etc., is shown in the pinned post on our Facebook page. No need to book, but you may need to queue if we’re busy. We don’t charge for entry. However, we are a very small charity, so would suggest a donation of £5 for a family of 4.

      If you wish to feed some of the animals please phone or message us beforehand to check what animals can be fed and to what foods you can bring for them. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger (Lamont Farm Project), email ( or phone (01418125335).

      As a general rule the following foods are not allowed:
      Anything from the onion family (leeks included)
      Meat products
      Any foods that are going off (if we wouldn’t eat it they can’t be fed it)

      Thank you! 😃


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