Change to visiting guidelines

We have looked at the guidelines we currently have in place and, in order to make things as safe as we can, we have made some changes that will be effective immediately:

  • Masks must be worn in the reptile room unless visitors are under 12 or they have an exemptIon card.🦎🐍🐢🥽
  • We are lowering our capacity from 40 to 30 visitors within the Farm premises at any one time. We don’t expect there to be that many visitors In at once, as we are now starting to experience cold and wet weather. 💨💦❄️☔️
  • On Fridays we will now be opening slightly reduced hours from 11.15am to 3pm. There with no animal handling available that day. However, everyone is still very welcome to come in to the Farm to have a wander around and see what there is to see. 😀👀👁👣

We understand these changes are hard to get used to. Just know that we struggle too, but we feel they are important to allow the Farm to remain open safely for all our visitors. This year has been the hardest any of us have faced, but if it’s taught us one thing it’s that we are stronger if we stick together. We hope everyone continues to stay safe. We look forward to being able to welcome everyone back properly and, of course, being able to have an open day full of fun and laughter. Take care everyone.

2 thoughts on “Change to visiting guidelines

  1. Hi Lamont Farm! Do we need to book our vist? We’re hoping to visit tomorrow around 12. Thank You!


    1. Hi James

      There is no need to book. If there is no one at the gate when you arrive, please press the bell and someone will come and assist you.

      To allow us to comply with government guidelines we have several controls in place.

      Individual groups are restricted to no more than 6 people (aged 12+) from 2 families. There is no restriction on under 12’s within groups.

      When visiting, please remember that refusal to sign the contact and trace book will lead to refusal of entry. Contents of the book will be destroyed as soon as possible and we thank everyone who has signed the book without hesitation. This book is just a precaution, but we feel it’s one worth taking.

      At the moment we are operating with a maximum capacity of 30 visitors in the farm at any one time, so please understand that when we ask you to queue it’s to enable the farm to run safely. The queues do go down pretty quickly.

      Masks are mandatory when entering the main barn (small furries area) and reptile room, exceptions are under 12s and those exempt from wearing a mask. People are free to walk around the outside areas without a mask.

      Some other things to remember when visiting the farm –

      We are closed on Mondays for deep cleaning. We are open from 10.30am-3pm Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday. On Fridays we are open from 11.15am to 3pm. Last entry on each day is 2.30pm.

      Not all of animals can have treats due to being a tad large (our vet tells us off frequently ). Visitors are welcome to bring porridge oats, sweetcorn and blueberries for the ducks and geese, and an assortment of greens (kale, spring greens, spinach, broccoli) for the small flurries.

      During your visit we are happy to get animals out for children (under 12’s) to stroke, please do not lift the animals yourself. This is for their safety and yours. Please note that there is no handling available on Fridays. We will only be offering handling on the other days we are open between 11am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 2.45pm.

      At present the entrance to Barrhill Road, which leads to us off the main road, is closed due to a one-way system being in operation for the recycling centre. However, there are signs for the diversion. Take the next turning on the right, heading towards Bishopton, into Craigends Drive. Please follow the diversion signs down towards the bend at the bottom of the hill, turning left at the bungalow into Barrhill Road to reach us.

      Hope this answers any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy your visit!


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