Our poultry animals are housed in pens opposite the horses and on the way to llamas. If you are unable to find any of our animals or assistance is required please feel free to ask a member of staff. Our collection of our poultry animals is subject to change, so come along and see what animals we have to make your day special. If you would further information on any of the animals or require assistance please feel free to ask a member of staff who will be more than happy to help.


Ducks & GeeseAfro Jack

We have six ducks on the farm from three different breeds and four geese. Our ducks share their enclosure with the geese as they enjoy living together. If you find our ducks enclosure is empty our ducks and geese are going to be out having some exercise one of their favourite places to go to is just under the reptile room or to the gate of the llama field so keep your eyes peeled. Our ducks will do their best to avoid you, you might find our geese will hiss but this is normal so don’t be alarmed they will also move away from you. Ducks can live from 2-20 years and have a average weight of about 8lb and are closely related to geese. Ducks can swim in icy cold water because they have no nerves or blood vessels in their feet so they cant feel any temperature.