Small Animals

Our smaller animals are mainly housed inside our main barn to which visitors are always welcome. To find them you just go through the blue door beside our horses then through the door on your left, if assistance is required please feel free to ask a member of staff.   Our collection of our smaller animals is constantly changing, so come along and see what animals we have to make your day special. Our smaller animals are very friendly so if you would like to hold or handle one of our little furry friends please ask a member of our team who will be more than happy to help you.


RabbitsOur lovely poppy

We have many different breeds of rabbits on the farm, which are homed in cages and hutches inside the main barn and outside in our yard. They enjoy munching on hay and getting lots of attention from our lovely visitors. Our rabbits especially enjoy nibbling carrot treats that visitors bring them. Rabbits are highly sociable, however, they are protective of their territory so unfortunately they cant be mixed together.



 Guinea Pigs Our little guinea pig nibbles

We house our guinea pigs in the main barn. Our Guinea Pigs live in pairs for company. Guinea Pigs are usually quiet and docile, which means that they are very easy to handle. They have poor eyesight but excellent senses of smell and hearing. They communicate by chatting away making a variety of sounds and noises, so if you are quiet you will hear them talking to each other. Our guinea pigs are very cute so be prepared to fall in love with them when you see them.



On the farm we have lots of rats housed in the main barn. Our rats are friendly and social and love getting a cuddle from visitors. They are very clean animals and can learn their own names and come on command. We keep our rats in groups so they are able to socialise freely and play games with each other. You will often see our rats running around their cage having lots of fun they are pleasure to watch.




Degus originally come from South America, but are great as pets. They can eat degu nuggets or guinea pig food, but it is very important they do not get rabbit food as it can contain ingredients that are harmful to degus. All of our little friends love running on their wheels which is great exercise for them, even if it does drive the volunteers insaine with all the squeaking the wheels make.

Ferrets Our three boys

Ferrets come in various colour variations. They are social animals so like to live in pairs or groups. The best time to see our ferrets having fun is in the morning when they are most active, ferrets are very lazy animals and sleep for about 18-20 hours a day! Ferrets are very playful and can often been saying play fighting with each other having a great time.