Our History

Some children sitting in a farmyard
Old Lamont Farm

Lamont City Farm, later to become Lamont Farm Project, was founded in 1977 by a group of individuals with a strong desire to establish a local education and community facility. We were the first City Farm in Scotland and the farm is very popular with families, nurseries and disabled groups as well as local schools. Around 10,000 people visit Lamont Farm annually. We aim to educate people from all walks of life in animal care, welfare and husbandry.

Three men mending a cart
Charlie with early volunteers


Jolly man holding a kitten
The Late Charlie Dora

One of the original people who founded Lamont Farm was Charlie Doran. He was the first Farm Manager and was the chairperson of the project. Sadly, Charlie Doran died in 2009 after many years of dedication to the project.

Our present farm manager has worked on the farm for a number of  years, first as a volunteer, progressing to Assistant Farm Manager, and leading to the pivotal role they now hold today.