Small Animal Boarding

If you are going on holiday, or just need someone to look after your small pet (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs or Rats only) for a few days or a longer period, we would be delighted to look after it for you.  You can rest assured your pet is being looked after to the highest possible standard. Spaces are limited, so to avoid disappointment please ensure you book well in advance.

With effect from 15/7/2020, the fees for small animal boarding are:

Rabbits: £5 per day, per animal

Guinea Pigs: £3.50 per day, per animal

Rats: £3 per day, per animal (MUST HAVE OWN CAGE)

We provide bedding and a muesli based feed within the daily fee for boarding your small furry. However please feel free to bring your own feed, so your pet stays on its own familiar diet.


Please note that we have additional requirements for vaccinations for boarding rabbits with us. ALL rabbits must have had their Myxomatosis and RHD1 combined vaccination AND ALSO their RHD2 vaccination before we can accept them.

The Mmyxomatosis and RHD1 combined vaccination will require to have been administered at least FOUR weeks in advance of any rabbit boarding with us. The RHD2 vaccination must be administered TWO weeks later. Since there is a two week period before the RHD2 vaccination becomes effective, this must be administered a minimum of TWO weeks prior to any rabbit boarding with us.

This more stringent vaccination requirement is due to the increased prevalence of RHD1 and RHD2 in Scotland. Proof of all vaccinations must be provided when dropping off your rabbit, otherwise we cannot accept it for boarding.

In the event that a boarded animal becomes ill, we will require the owner’s advance permission to contact their nominated vet to allow the necessary treatment to be provided in their absence.  Owners will be fully responsible for any veterinary charges incurred.  Lamont Farm Project will not be held responsible in the event of any boarded animal’s illness or death.


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at the farm for taking such great care of Lek while we were on holiday!!
I can see that she was well looked after and even got up to some mischief by the sounds of it!! It was also nice to hear from the volunteers that she will be missed.
She has clearly been handled well as she is now letting me pick her up which she didn’t do without a struggle before!!
It’s always difficult choosing boarding for animals, if you’re going away, so I will be recommending the farm to anyone that asks and we will certainly be back” – Caroline