How you can help

Lamont Farm is an independent charity that depends entirely upon your generous donations and the hard work of its dedicated volunteers. You do not need to have experience to volunteer with us just a willingness to learn and get stuck in. We’re always on the lookout for new committee members that will actively be involved with the continual fundraising and other tasks and decisions that will ensure the Farm can continue to run for many years to come, if this interest you please phone the farm, you will be joining a great team who will be glad to have your input. Volunteering has a whole host of benefits; meeting new people, increasing your confidence, Providing work experience and increasing your knowledge. Doing something positive with your spare time and giving something back to your community is an extremely rewarding experience.

If you wish to help out for the good of the farm and the community, there are many ways you can do so. We have a host of volunteers who regularly help out with our yard duties including cleaning and feeding the animals, fundraising and other fun activities. We also run our kids clubs at the weekends where children 10 years old or older can volunteer to support the farm. The kids get to help out with all aspects of farms day to day running and build vital communication and team work skills in the process. If you are interested or would like any more information about any of our volunteering opportunities on the farm please get in touch with the farm and ask to speak with the youth worker.

If you can offer a particular skill such as joinery, animal husbandry, administration, poster design or general fund raising, then again please ask!  You would be joining a great team, and we would be keen to have you!

Please note: all children must have parental consent to work on the farm!

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us then please call us on 0141 812 5335, email us at farm@lamontfarm.plus.com or message us on our Facebook page.