Important information

Please note – abuse of any kind to staff, volunteers and animals will NOT be tolerated. If this occurs you will be asked to leave the premises and not to return. The Police could also be informed.

Farm Safety

Please follow all these guidelines to ensure you have a safe visit.

  • Obey all signs & instructions given to you by the farm staff.
  • PLEASE wash your hands after handling any animal. This is very important prior to eating. There are hand washing facilities near the entrance to the farm as well as in the toilets.
  • Do not stick your fingers into the small animal cages or hutches. The animals may think your finger is food and they may bite.
  • Groups must stay together during organised tours of the farm.
  • The safety of visiting groups is the responsibility of the organiser.
  • Please inform the farm staff of any potential safety problem you see during your visit.
  • Please supervise all children in your care.
  • Please be courteous and step out of the way when horses are being brought in and out of the Farm.
  • Please do not try and touch our horses if they are being moved unless a member of staff gives permission to do so.
  • If a horse is tied outside of its stable please be very cautious around it and seek staff advice before approaching
  • Car drivers please be aware horses can be easily spooked so stay well back if a horse is being led down the road outside the farm

About the animals

Our morning routine is to feed and clean out the animals and turn out the ponies, horses, donkeys and goats for their daily exercise (weather permitting). If you find any of the pens are empty, you will probably find that the animals are out in the fields having a good time!

Most of our animals are housed in pens, hutches or cages with some being allowed to roam free.

We occasionally take in rescued animals so we have a changing population and there are often new things to see.

If you wish to hold an animal then please ask a member of staff who will be more than pleased to help you.

We will happily provide information and advice on animals whether related to the farm or your own pet – just ask – we are here to help you.

Please check with the farm staff before you feed any of the animals as they may become ill if fed unsuitable food.

Public advice on E-Coli

The UK Health Protection Agency has issued advice on farm visits and how to reduce the risk of infection with E. coli. This advice can be downloaded here.