LogoLamont Farm Project is a registered Scottish charity, No. SCO13875.

Lamont Farm Project is a vibrant community and animal welfare project located in Erskine, Renfrewshire. At Lamont Farm, you can meet a wide variety of animals, including ducks, hens, horses and goats. opening timesWe also have a reptile room with some special reptiles for you to come and meet! We try our best to rescue and rehome as many animals as we can. If we cannot find a suitable forever home for our furry friends they will continue to live with us therefore there’s always new furrys for you to meet. This means we have an ever growing family of new and different animals. We actively promote animal welfare and advise and educate people, where we can, in animal care and husbandry


supportAdjoining the farm, we have an attached set of well-tended allotments. These are exceedingly popular amongst the Erskine community and beyond. The allotments are exceptionally beautiful during the summer please feel free to come and view, however  we do respectful ask that you stay on the paths and don’t disturb the allotments as they are privately maintained, thank you for your co-operation. If you are interested in letting a allotment please contact the farm and we can put your name down on our waiting list.


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